1. Lauren says:

    November 22, 2018 at 9:21 pm

    It’s amazing how different everyone is. His first poo was nowhere near as sticky as we had been warned, it cleaned off no problem with nothing. I have never once needed nipple cream, in seven months of feeding. I had a c section and didn’t bleed too badly at all, I think it depends on your doctor. We had a private room which was amaZing and I was as thirty as hell, I drank jugs of ice water but the hospital literally brought me juice once and kept forgetting to bring me tea. Oh and I also only stayed in hospital for two nights because we felt ready to go home by the second morning. And yes…hated the stupid maternity panties, they have holes in them so if you mess then everything gets messy! I bought a pack of cotton panties to wear. I was also told to get linen savers for my bed at home and didn’t need them, ended up returning. Sounds like you had a tough birth, you really tried your best. I cried buckets when gynae told me the week before that he wanted to take baby out early, but happy with how it ended up. And we both have gorgeous baba’s!

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