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    January 20, 2014 at 7:59 pm

    Hey Candice, in two months I leave 30 and move onwards into my 30s. I did not do much for my birthday, well besides spending the evening and early morning getting ready for a huge presentation where the douche did not show :(. It was not until two weeks later when my husband and friends dragged me out, we invited Tequila, Vodka and all of their fun friends, we laughed about our new found aches and pains, cried laughing when thinking about our respective 21st parties and sat back in amazement at how many years we had been friends, who found love in ourselves and each other.

    This year though, when I reach, dare I say this online… 31… I have made a decision as to exactly what I want to do. There is an amazing observatory somewhere in the Cradle. You book in advance of course, sit down to a meal and then…. THEN….. you gaze through super powerful telescopes into the wide abyss of space and creation… 30, 31 and 60 are moments in time when reaching back millions of years and experiencing the mystery of stars that might have already reached their end, yet… we still get to enjoy their twinkle, their wonder and their mystery.

    Bring on every year that life offers, the more we have, the more we twinkle, wonder and amaze ourselves with this wonderful mystery we have 🙂

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