I can totally change a tyre

Silly story, but keen to know if any of you ladies have ever changed a tyre in your lives? On your own?

I had a flat tyre this morning, which I only noticed upon arrival at the gym. I promptly decided to forget about it, have my work out and then find a boy to help. During my spinning class, I decided that that is rubbish and I’m pretty sure I could do it myself. It’s really not that complicated.

So I did a quick google of ‘how to change a tyre’ before leaving the gym and set off to do the deed with my post-spinning gung-ho attitude. The security guard offered to help but I refused, saying ‘I’ve got it thanks, it’s not that difficult’.

I got as far as trying to get the wheel nuts off. Not one budged. At all.

So the still-hovering security guard jumped to the rescue.


We do need these silly men after all.

Sydney Aquarium

Yesterday was my Australian nephew’s first birthday and we had planned to take him to the beach for a beach day. Now you see, we have had ridiculous rain in New South Wales for the past few days and looks to continue for another good few days. They say that the weather is good here in Aus, but I have yet to see it…every time I come here it seems to be ‘the worst rain we’ve had since 1956’ or something silly like that. I think I’ve been lied to! My bikini still waits…

Seeing that the weather has turned into hell, we decided to venture into Sydney city in the rain to go see the Sydney Aquarium.as Cian’s first birthday outing. Being school holidays here, I was not looking forward to thousands of sugar-crazed kids and fighting to see fish tanks, but I was definitely nicely surprised! The Sydney Aquarium is really amazing and I was blown away by the beauty of the experience.

There are two circular tunnels where you actually walk through the tank, with fish swimming over and around you – like diving without getting wet! The shark tunnel was really unnerving, as the sharks circle you in the tank and you can see every jagged tooth as they swim right up to you. Creepy! The kids loved it though, and little Cian was mesmerised by all the movements and colours swimming around him – it was a really special birthday for the little guy.

If you ever find yourself on this end of the world, go have a look – it really is worth the $35 .