I can totally change a tyre

Silly story, but keen to know if any of you ladies have ever changed a tyre in your lives? On your own?

I had a flat tyre this morning, which I only noticed upon arrival at the gym. I promptly decided to forget about it, have my work out and then find a boy to help. During my spinning class, I decided that that is rubbish and I’m pretty sure I could do it myself. It’s really not that complicated.

So I did a quick google of ‘how to change a tyre’ before leaving the gym and set off to do the deed with my post-spinning gung-ho attitude. The security guard offered to help but I refused, saying ‘I’ve got it thanks, it’s not that difficult’.

I got as far as trying to get the wheel nuts off. Not one budged. At all.

So the still-hovering security guard jumped to the rescue.


We do need these silly men after all.