PopcornCandi’s Moment in Time

So Zoe, my Social Sessions partner in crime, wrote a post recently that I thought I’d join in on. Remember those books we passed around in Primary School, where we listed a whole bunch of info about ourselves and passed it on to friends to fill in too? I suppose that was the Facebook of our time 🙂 Well, we’re bringing it back, folks! Copy out the below, fill in your own answers and blog it. The past, reinvented. It’s surprisingly difficult…


Here’s my answers:

MAKING faces at the kids playing outside in my garden
COOKING butternut and chickpea curry – am back on the healthy eating plan after this last week’s Easter debauchery
DRINKING lots and lots of water
READING ‘f**k it – the ultimate spiritual way‘ by John C. Parkin
WANTING someone to make me a cup of tea
LOOKING ever so casual
PLAYING with my hair
WASTING time allocated to catching up on work, by blogging instead
WISHING for some more sunny days before the winter
ENJOYING the quite sunset reflecting off Chapmans Peak
WAITING for the rest of my puzzle pieces to fall into place
LIKING being at home
WONDERING when my horse will be able to move here to her new ‘beach house’
LOVING my fridge full of fresh produce
HOPING for a successful client campaign going live soon…
MARVELING I would be a bad Capetonian if I weren’t to answer ‘The Mountain’
NEEDING a long, hot bath and a big glass of red wine
SMELLING lavender
WEARING my new hiking boots around the house to wear them in
FOLLOWING some really interesting humans on Twitter
NOTICING that big life decisions really shake things up
THINKING that it’s time for another Social Sessions workshop 🙂
OPENING my mind to so many things
GIGGLING at my kitteh
FEELING chilled
DREAMING of dreaming
And that was that – your turn! Copy and past it into your blog (or Facebook or whatever your channel of choice is) with your answers and refer back to mine.